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Simple, safe and effective

The Half Diet is a very simple approach to weight loss that is designed for men. It is safe and scientifically valid. It uses sound metabolic principles and is based on the latest discoveries in psychology. It is designed and recommended by doctors.


Eat the things you like to eat.

The Half Diet has no complicated point systems or calories to count. You do not need to be an expert on nutrition. You don’t need to substitute food you don’t like for food you do like – no mung beans. Really. And no fasting.


Enjoy your food more.

By learning to eat ‘mindfully’, you appreciate your meals more.

You can take weight off, and keep it off – for ever! And, for  a very limited time, you can join the half diet club for free.

What could possibly go wrong?

The Half Diet Club eBook

The Half Diet Club eBook contains the strategy for winning in the game of weight loss. The course is designed by Dr Tony Lembke, who has helped thousands of people improve their health and lifestyle.

The Five Rules of the Half Diet Club

How to have a 'Virtual Lap Band'

How to keep score with Half Diet Golf


How to Level Up to become a Weight Loss Boss

The Rugby Rules for Mindful Eating

The Walter Hagen Rule, The Seinfeld Chain, and lots more

Should I Join the Half Diet Club?

Are you a man? 

Beauty. The Half Diet Club is designed especially (and only)  for men.



Are you overweight? 

The half diet club suits all overweight people. If you are of normal weight, please refer one of your more robust friends to our club. If you are underweight, perhaps you would enjoy our companion book ‘The Double Diet’.

Have you tried dieting before?

Even if you have already tried every diet from the Apple Diet to the Zuchini Diet (yum!), the Half Diet can work for you.

If you haven’t dieted before – you should definitely join the half diet club.

The Half Diet Club is free, for a very very limited time.

What have you got to lose?

Absolutely brilliant book and club to join in order to fulfil those new years resolutions Gabrial Gossage

What do I get when I join the Half Diet Club?

The Half Diet Club eBook

The 80 page Half Diet Club eBook by Dr Tony Lembke contains the winning strategy for success in weight loss.
It is available for immediate download after joining, in pdf or iBooks format.

Members Discussion Forum

Members of the Half Diet Club can share ideas and ask questions of Dr Tony Lembke, the Half Diet Team and other members of the club in the exclusive online discussion forum

The Half Diet Tools

“Sport without keeping score is just playing”. Members can access the tools they need to track and share their progress.

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About the author

Dr Tony Lembke is an experienced family doctor who has helped thousands of people improve their health and lifestyle.

In 2012 he was awarded General Practitioner of the Year by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

He is clinical director of a national quality improvement program and for many years he has been an ever-optimistic coach of the Lismore Junior Rugby Club.

In 1983 he was the Sydney University Medical Society Donkey Kong Champion.

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As a service to the all the men in our community, membership of the Half Diet Club is available free.

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