Sharing with Ron

Sharing with Ron

Sharing is Caring

sharing_is_caringSomeone very close to me, (not mentioning any names, let’s just call him Will) has the nickname Mother Theresa – because of his reluctance to ever share anything with anyone.
Unlike Will, I know that you are a sharing, caring sort of guy – which is good, because sharing is a great way to follow Rule One of the Half Diet Club.
Go halvies in lunch, and share the other half with your wife.
Share an entree with your dining partner.
Offer everyone else at the table some of your peanuts / chips / chocolate.
Get two spoons and share your desert.
Share the love around – you’re that kind of guy.

Leave Some for Ron

While on the subject of sharing, if there is no one else to share with, it is a great tactic to share with yourself!

At College, we would put some beers away for “Ron” – ron being shortspeak, or an abbreviation of,  “later on” –  “…’r on”.
When following the Half Rule, you can put half your food away to have later. Have half your lunch today, and put the other half in the fridge for tomorrow. Have half your afternoon piece of cake, and put the other half in the fridge for ‘ron. Leave some beers for ‘Ron, too.
Share with yourself by leaving half for Ron.

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